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Signs of Mold In Your Crawl Space

If you have had previous water damage in your crawl space or notice any of the signs below, don’t wait and call Insulation Co. for professional prompt mold removal!

  • Musty or damp odors
  • Poor air quality indoors
  • Overpriced energy bills
  • Ongoing headaches
  • Damaged plumbing systems or wires
  • Standing water
  • Wet or damaged insulation
  • Warped or buckled floorboards
  • Chronic allergies or respiratory problems 
  • Worsening asthma
  • Visible mold in your home

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Mold Removal IN ALDERWOOD MANOR WASHINGTON

Your sensitivity, duration of exposure, and mold type all contribute to the effect mold may have on a person. Even with short-term exposure, some people may experience cold-like symptoms. If toxic black mold is present in your home, it can lead to more serious health concerns, such as neurological issues, even with shortened exposure. It is extremely important to remove mold as soon as you notice an issue in your home.
Once mold is detected in your home, our professional mold remediation services begin. We isolate the affected area, eliminate airborne mold spores, and treat contaminated materials with high-quality remover. Irreparable materials are safely removed. After completing the job, we thoroughly cleaned the area, ensuring it was debris-free. Finally, we apply an EPA-registered antimicrobial product to treat the area effectively.
Yes, removing mold from your crawl space is necessary for healthy and comfortable living in your Seattle home. Mold can lead to a variety of health concerns as well as lead to further issues within your home. Letting mold grow in your house causes unsafe living conditions for you and your family.
There are many signs that mold is present within your home. If you have had previous water damage or leaking in your crawl space, mold is more likely to grow in your crawl space. Having your crawl space cleaned and inspected at least once a year would be best. Persistent runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and physical signs of water damage or mold stains indicate that it may be time to have your home inspected to ensure there are no issues.


over 25 years experience

Insulation Co. has proudly served the greater Seattle area for over twenty-five years. All of our team members have over ten years of experience in the industry and are fully trained and certified. Our founder, Jo, has been dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to all his customers for almost two decades.

2 year-warranty with a one-time complimentary courtesy check

All of our work is backed by a 2-year warranty. Included in the 2-year warranty is one free complimentary courtesy check. Unlike other companies, there does not have to be anything wrong for us to come and inspect your attic and crawl space. We encourage customers to schedule their courtesy check a year after the work is done to put their minds at ease that everything is still in tip top shape.

insured, bonded, and licensed

At Insulation Co., we are insured, bonded, and licensed. It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured because this ensures we know how to do our job properly and can protect ourselves against any potential mistakes. We also know this will offer a sense of security to our customers. Having worker’s compensation and liability insurance for our employees means we are allowed to get and sign building permits if necessary. 

owner-run company

The benefit of owning a business is one of the toughest jobs, but it is also one of the most rewarding! The advantage of being able to talk to the owner is that you will get the expertise and knowledge from the owner himself. Jo the founder and owner of the company started installing insulation at the age of 10 years old. So, unlike some owners, he has firsthand experience in the insulation industry. 

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We understand that this is not a cheap service. Providing customers with fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes will give you a starting point for your home improvement project. Included in your free estimate is a virtual consultation to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. 

5 star customer reviews

Our goal is to make a customer and not a sale. Some businesses are too focused on making sales but don’t pay enough attention to satisfying the customers’ wants and needs. Customer reviews are a reflection of our customer’s experience with our company and services. Customer interactions are our primary means to create true customer relationships to build our brand. 

Providing certified mold remediation services in Alderwood Manor, Washington Specializing in crawl space mold removal Contact us today!

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