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Don't let animals invade your crawl space

Our experts will eradicate the problem and provide effective animal exclusion solutions. Say goodbye to animal intruders in your crawl space. Our company provides effective solutions for animal exclusion. Get rid of the problem today! Protect your crawl space from unwanted animal intrusions with our expert animal exclusion solutions. Our team of specialists has the knowledge and expertise to identify the source of your animal problem and provide effective solutions to eradicate it. We specialize in humane removal methods that prioritize the safety and well-being of the animals. 

Get rid of unwanted critters in your crawl space with our animal exclusion services

Crawl spaces provide solid protection from the weather and make room for wild animals to live. Having animals live in your crawl space can lead to many problems and could make it harder to remove them the longer they live there. Our exclusion solutions are tailored to your specific needs and situation. We’ll start by conducting a thorough inspection of your crawl space to identify the entry points and determine the type of animal you’re dealing with. From there, we’ll develop a customized plan that may include sealing gaps and cracks, installing protective barriers or screens, or using deterrents such as lights, sound, or odor. 

why is your crawl space attractive to wild animals?

There are a number of reasons why a crawl space can be attractive to wild animals. One of the most common reasons is that it provides a warm and sheltered environment that is protected from the elements. This can make it an ideal place for animals to seek refuge during harsh weather conditions or to establish a den for their young. In addition to shelter, a crawl space can also provide a source of food and water for animals. Leaky pipes or standing water can attract rodents and insects, which in turn can attract larger predators. A crawl space can also be an attractive location for animals to forage for food or to access other parts of your home. Finally, a crawl space can provide animals with easy access to your home. Gaps or holes in the foundation or siding can allow animals to enter and exit at will, while also providing a gateway to other parts of your home. By addressing these issues, you can make your crawl space less attractive to wild animals and help prevent unwanted intrusions.

what kind of animals burrow under houses?

All kinds of wildlife can take residence in your crawl space when you least expect it. Some animals that tend to burrow under houses and make homes in crawl spaces include the following.  If you suspect that there are animals burrowing under your house, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent damage to your home and potential health risks.

Untitled-24 (11)


These rodents are known to burrow in search of shelter and food sources. They can cause significant damage to homes, including chewing through electrical wires and insulation.

Untitled-24 (8)


These animals are known for their strong odor and are often found burrowing beneath decks, sheds, and other structures. They can cause damage to the foundation and may also spray if they feel threatened.

Untitled-24 (9)


These animals are known for their scavenging behavior and will often burrow under houses in search of food and shelter. They can cause damage to insulation, ductwork, and other parts of the home.

Untitled-24 (10)


Known for their burrowing behavior and can cause significant damage to foundations, decks, and other structures.

how to keep animals out of your crawl space

block entry and exit points

Animals are smart and they can use any openings they find to access your crawl space. When you want to keep them out, it is essential to hire a professional to block potential entry and exit points. Openings could be unsealed spaces, holes and cracks of all sizes. You have to be certain that there are no animals in the crawl space when you seal the openings. Any animal that is sealed into the crawl space may cause severe damage when trying to find a way out. Trappe animals can die in the crawl space, resulting in foul odors and potential flea or tick infestations. 

prevent moisture

Crawl spaces usually moist environments, making them attractive for animals to live in. You can make your crawl space less appealing by reducing the amount of water and moisture with a vapor barrier. 

maintain your property

It is crucial to trim any tree branches as these attract rodents to want to come in. When you regularly trim and cut your lawn, bushes and flower beds and keep them clean and organized, you can see any missed or new openings and take action to block them. 

contact a professional

It is always advised to contact a professional however, if you are unsure how you can stop animals from getting into your crawl space, contact Insulation Co. for our expertise. As a company offering animal removal, we know all the right steps for adding protection to your crawl space. 

Frequently Asked Questions About animal exclusion in your crawl space

If there is animals in your crawl space it is critical to remove them as soon as possible. If you thinking about considering removing the animals yourself you need to understand that this can be a dangerous task. It is best to hire a professional as rodents and animals can carry many different diseases. When you call us for help, we will make your crawl space critter free again. Our experts have the knowledge and training needed to successfully analyze the situation and provide a solution, so your home will no longer have animals living in your crawl space. 

  • Damage- Animals will damage your house by gnawing on wires, insulation, and structural components. 
  • Noise- They might create noise at all hours of the day and night.
  • Odors- Animal waste and urine can lead to very unpleasant smells in your home.
  • Aggression- Some animals can become aggressive when they feel threatened or concerned in their new area of shelter. 

We can accurately identify the animal and handle removal safely. Once the animals are removed, we take the steps to prevent recurrence. 

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Insulation Co. – Serving Seattle for 25+ years with expertise and professionalism. Our experienced team, led by founder Jo, has been dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to all his customers for almost two decades. All of our team members have over ten years of experience in the industry and are fully trained and certified.  Your trusted partner in Seattle for insulation solutions. Trust our experienced team for all your insulation needs.Contact us today for expert service and friendly assistance.

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All of our work is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on insulation workmanship and a 2-year transferable warranty on mold remediation, sump pump, and French drain install workmanship (if applicable to the bid scope of work). Included in our warranty is one free complimentary courtesy check. Unlike other companies, there does not have to be anything wrong for us to come and inspect your attic and crawl space. We encourage customers to schedule their courtesy check a year after the work is done to put their minds at ease that everything is still in tip-top shape.

insured, bonded, and licensed

Insulation Co. – Providing licensed, bonded, and insured services for your insulation needs. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality work. It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured because this ensures we know how to do our job properly and can protect ourselves against any potential mistakes. We also know this will offer a sense of security to our customers. Having worker’s compensation and liability insurance for our employees means we are allowed to get and sign building permits if necessary. 

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Owning a business can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding. Experience the advantage of talking directly to the owner of our business, Jo, who started installing insulation at the young age of 10. Jo, the founder of the company, has firsthand experience in the insulation industry since childhood. Gain a unique advantage by connecting with Jo, the owner of our business. Benefit from firsthand experience and expert knowledge in the insulation industry! Get a free estimate and virtual consultation now!

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Insulation Co. LLC offers professional animal exclusion services to solve the problem for good! You can trust that our solutions are effective and long-lasting, providing you with the peace of mind that your crawl space is protected from animal intrusions. Don’t let animals invade your crawl space and wreak havoc on your home. Contact our experts today to schedule an inspection and get started on a solution that works for you.

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