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Energy-Efficient Attic Upgrades in Washington

We are a well-established attic services company based in Washington, known for our expertise in mold removal and comprehensive attic solutions. We focus on mold removal and a range of attic services including clean-outs, insulation removal and replacement, air sealing, and duct cleaning and repair. We're here to help make your attic a clean, safe, and efficient space!

Benefits of our attic and crawl space cleaning

The benefits of our company's attic and crawl space cleaning services include improved indoor air quality, prevention of mold and mildew growth, energy efficiency, and protection of your home's structural integrity. Our thorough cleaning and insulation services can also help to reduce pest infestations and ensure a healthier living environment for you and your family.

mold removal services for attic and crawl spaces

Our company stands out from others in mold removal by offering an eco-friendly, non-toxic approach for attics and crawl spaces. If you are sensitive to harsh chemicals and prefer not to vacate your home during the service, this method may be the right choice for you. Additionally, our environmentally friendly approach is a more affordable option compared to traditional RMR mold removal methods.

Crawl space and attic insulation solutions

Our company offers comprehensive attic and crawl space insulation removal and replacement solutions to ensure your home is properly insulated and energy efficient. Our services include the safe and thorough removal of old or damaged insulation, followed by the expert installation of high-quality insulation materials to improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort. We take pride in providing effective solutions to enhance the overall insulation of your home's attic and crawl space, ensuring long-term benefits for your property.

duct repair and replacement services

Our crawl space and attic duct repair and replacement service offers comprehensive solutions to address issues with damaged or inefficient ductwork. We provide professional inspection, repair, and replacement of ducts to improve airflow, energy efficiency, and overall indoor comfort. Our expert team ensures that your crawl space and attic ducts are properly sealed and insulated, helping to optimize heating and cooling systems while minimizing energy waste. With our service, you can enjoy improved air quality and reduced energy costs in your home.

Transform Your Home with Seattle Attic and Crawl Space Experts

As a leading provider of attic and crawl space care services in the Seattle area, we specialize in comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services encompass meticulous cleaning, premium insulation installation, thorough mold remediation, effective pest control measures, professional sump pump installation, and state-of-the-art French drain systems. We are committed to employing eco-friendly practices that not only enhance the energy efficiency of your home but also contribute to a healthier living environment for you and your family.

our approach to attic and crawl space maintenance

comprehensive solutions

Tailored to the specific needs of each space. This includes thorough inspections, cleaning, insulation and moisture control, as well as any necessary repairs.

check-ups and maintenance

We ensure that your crawl space and attic are well-maintained with our complimentary courtesy check-ups and maintenance to promote a healthy and energy-efficient home environment.

10-year warranty on insulation workmanship

Our company provides a 10-year warranty on insulation workmanship, ensuring that your insulation upgrade is comprehensively covered, offering you the assurance and confidence you need.


“Insulation Co. was a pleasure to work with. They were responsive, communicative, and took on my small project which I struggled to get other firms to even look at. Appreciate the good work and attention to detail!”

Jeremy B.

“I have only good things to say about Insulation Co LLC. Jo Estrada was very helpful and explained the process in detail. The crew was professional and did excellent work and cleaned up everything. We had attic and crawl space work done. I would highly recommend them.”

Diane M.

“I am extremely pleased with the services provided by Insulation Co LLC. The services were reasonably priced. The crew was very courteous and professional. They answered all my questions and addressed all concerns. I would highly recommend them.”

Tim S.

why work with us?

over 25 years experience

Serving Seattle for 25+ years with expertise and professionalism. Our experienced team, led by founder Jo, has been dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to all his customers for almost two decades.

10-year warranty on insulation workmanship

All of our work is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on insulation workmanship and a 2-year transferable warranty on mold remediation, sump pump, and French drain install workmanship (if applicable to the bid scope of work). Included in our warranty is one free complimentary courtesy check.

insured, bonded, and licensed

Providing licensed, bonded, and insured services for your insulation needs. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality work. It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured because this ensures we know how to do our job properly and can protect ourselves against any potential mistakes.

owner run company

Owning a business can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding. Experience the advantage of talking directly to the owner of our business, Jo, who started installing insulation at the young age of 10. Jo, the founder of the company, has firsthand experience in the insulation industry since childhood.

5 star customer reviews

Experience a customer-focused company that prioritizes your wants and needs. Customer interactions are our primary means of creating true customer relationships and building our brand.

free same-day estimates

Providing customers with fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes will give you a starting point for your home improvement project.

interested in financing?

Don’t put off those attic and crawl space repairs just because of budget concerns. We’ve got you covered with 3 awesome financing options, including a no credit check option, 0% financing for 6 months, and financing for as low as $100 a month. Best of all, you can enjoy $0 down for all jobs. If this sounds like a good fit for you, feel free to reach out, and we’d be more than happy to help you get started!

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