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    Although the insulation in your home may last for years, old insulation is not immune to wear and tear. A drafty house and increased energy consumption are some of the problems you may face if your insulation has stopped working efficiently. Ignoring these subtle signs may cost you huge amounts of money. Signs You Need..

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    Before the introduction of building codes, there was no information on the safest and most energy-efficient materials to use for insulation. Consequently, old types of insulation are not as efficient as today’s insulation, and some may be hazardous to your health. If you live in an older home, knowing the type of insulation installed in..

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    Mold often leads to numerous severe health problems that put you and your family at risk if you don’t address it quickly. That’s why the mold remediation experts at Insulation Co. put together a brief guide on how to remove mold safely from your home. Continue reading to learn the following. Understand what’s behind mold..

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