Inspect Your Crawl Space Like a Pro

Have you recently been looking up terms like “crawl space inspection,” “crawl space inspection cost,” or “home inspection crawl space”? If so, you’re in luck.  

Our experts at Insulation Co. have years of professional experience as crawl space inspectors. Here, we share our best tips on how to do a professional inspection of your crawl space. By maintaining your crawl space, you protect your home or business.

What Do I Look for in a Crawl Space Inspection?

Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space

Undetected mold colonies in your crawl space can threaten the stability of your entire home or commercial structure. Our technicians usually find mold spores and mildew growth in cool and moist subfloors. These organisms feed on the cellulose and particleboard materials in wooden joists and panels.

Musty odors in the living area

Musty odors in your living area, dining room, and bathrooms likewise indicate growing mold colonies. Many homes in our service areas feature poorly maintained crawl spaces with unseen sources of moisture.

Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment

Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment is a natural response to rising external temperatures and humidity levels. Our professionals can maintain your HVAC installations so that allergens and pollutants don’t develop.

What Types of Maintenance Activities Should You Perform During an Inspection of the Crawl Space?

Too Much Moisture

The crawl space is where your home’s foundation and some of its mechanical systems live. It could also attract spiders, bats, mice, and more unwanted visitors if they find a water source there.

Furthermore, without proper maintenance, humidity and water can pool and erode your foundation.

Water Drainage Issues

If your gutter has drainage issues, rainwater will collect inside your crawl space and cause problems with your foundation. Some houses have built-in drains to avoid these problems. However, these drains can also cause issues if you don’t check them for clogs regularly.

Rodent and Pest Problems

Nobody wants to live with rodents. However, millions of homeowners across America have to endure their presence every day.

If you spot a mouse during a crawl space inspection, you should first look for entry points. These points will lead you to the nesting grounds. Our inspectors find that most rodent infestations originate in crowded attics, utility rooms, garages, and crawl spaces.

Damaged Insulation

Sagging crawl spaces can:

  • Break vapor barriers
  • Damage fiberglass insulation materials
  • Corrode floor structures

How Often Should I Inspect and Replace My Crawl Space?

If your crawl space has outdated ventilation and insulation materials, don’t ignore them. It could pose several potential health hazards for you and your family.

You may find trapped wildlife, leaves, and mold formations in a poorly maintained crawl space. Furthermore, these issues may cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Our technicians recommend installing a crawl space vapor barrier to reduce the humidity and overall moisture levels in your crawl space. This barrier can also ensure your home remains adequately protected from condensation on water pipes and ductwork.

Regular crawl space inspections go a long way toward preventing future water damage. If you notice an issue with your crawl space, consult a professional for repairs.

The frequency of your crawl space inspections may vary depending on the size of your property and the installations you have. For most residential structures, our crawl space maintenance specialists recommend performing a DIY checkup once every six months.


A crawl space inspection is one of the most overlooked maintenance activities by many homeowners and property managers. However, having a well-maintained crawl space delivers numerous money-saving benefits while protecting your entire property.

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