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The crawl space is a narrow and unfinished space under your home. The crawl space can often be hard to access, which is why they often get neglected and may lack insulation. Insulating your crawl space will slow down the flow of air between the inside and outside of your house. The results will reduce your energy costs and create better indoor air quality. Crawl spaces are either ventilated or not, and both require insulation but must be installed with a different approach and different insulation. Water and moisture can be damaging to your crawl space and insulation helps prevent moisture from collecting underneath your home. 

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Insulation and Home Energy Costs

Maintaining the temperature throughout your home is what can use the most energy. 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration

51% of household's consumption comes from space heating and air conditioning.

Ignoring Insulation Replacement

Will have a disproportionate effect on your energy bills.

Environmental Protection Agency Estimates

A household can reduce its average heating and cooling costs by 15% when you have properly installed insulation and air seal.

how does Crawl Space insulation work?

Insulation is the material you place in the crawl space or other locations to prevent the flow of heat energy. In the winter it helps prevent warm air from escaping, and in the summer, it helps warm air from entering. 

signs of under-insulated crawl space

crawl space insulation

our process


Eliminate Sources of water

If necessary, we will pump excess water. If a sump pump system is recommended, we will provide a bid to you based on our findings.  It is optional but always recommended!


Install Insulation

The recommended insulation for your home will be installed by our insulation experts. 


seal all vent openings

Any vent covers will be installed, or they will be custom made. 


ensure hatchways to the exterior are sealed

Our company uses heavy-duty weatherstripping to ensure that there is a tight seal, or a custom-made crawl space hatchway will be installed. 


seal rim joists and sills

The joist bays will be filled. We will use foam to seal the joints and use caulk or foam sealant to seal the joint between the top of the crawl space wall and the sill. 


Install vapor barrier crawl space

Vapor barrier installation is used to control the moisture in your crawl space. 

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benefits of crawl space insulation

Insulation Co. LLC- Removal & Clean Outs is your go-to company for: Crawlspace Insulation Removal and Replacement, Vapor Barrier Removal and Replacement, Rodent Exclusion, Crawl Space Deodorizing, Heat Duct Insulation Wrapping, Duct Sealing, Air Sealing, Water Pipe Insulating, and Affordable Financing Options. For 25 years, Insulation Co. has served Western Washington, and our commitment to providing excellent service and craftsmanship to our customers has never been stronger.

Reduced Rodent Infestation

The problem with crawl spaces is they often provide a breeding ground for rodents and pests. If your crawl space becomes damp or humid this will attract the rodents to want to come in because moisture attracts bus or other pests like termites. 

Insulating your crawl space and disinfecting will make your crawl space less attractive to rodents or insects looking for a place to stay warm. 

During a crawl space insulation service, our experts will cover and seal potential entry points.

Reduced Moisture and Condensation

A concern with most crawl spaces is that they can often become damp and humid. This will lead to condensation in the crawl space which can lead to mold and mildew. 

Insulating the floor of the crawl space and air sealing any gaps where moisture could enter, will reduce both humidity levels and condensation problems in the crawl space. The reduction of moisture will also help keep the home foundation from rotting and will make the air in your home healthier and more comfortable.

Increased Comfort

Crawl spaces can be one of the most neglected areas in your home. It can be damp, humid, and full of debris and dust. This makes your home uncomfortable over time. 

Insulating your crawl space will create a more comfortable environment inside your home. You won’t have to worry about allergies and getting sick due to the poor air quality inside the crawl space.  

Increased Energy Efficiency

When a crawl space is properly insulated it can help reduce energy consumption in your home. Insulation is what keeps the air in the crawl space from affecting the temperature of your home, which will save you money on your energy bill. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some information to help prepare you to take the next step to improve your home. 

Fiberglass batts or Foam insulation boards. 

Fiberglass insulation involves putting it between the exposed joists. Foam boards are installed directly against the crawl space walls. 

Under-insulated crawl spaces lose the hot or cool air easily and this leaking of air means that your home’s heating, and air conditioning are working harder than they should be. But you can prevent this airflow with properly installed insulation, you can end up saving on your energy bills.  

Hire a professional to ensure that your insulation is being properly insulated. This is a DIY job you just don’t want to try to tackle yourself. Leave it to the pros!

If your crawl space has a dirt floor, you still insulate it like you do any other crawl space, however, the crawl space needs extra attention. The dirt floor in your crawl space will need to be covered with a vapor barrier which is a polyethylene vapor retarder. 


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