How to Budget for Attic Cleaning Costs

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    7 November, 2022

    Like most homeowners, you may be curious about attic cleaning costs. You may have even Googled questions like “attic cleaning cost near me” and “attic cleaning and sanitizing cost.” However, contact the Insulation Co to understand the full picture of attic cleaning and insulation cost.

    Each year, our professionals provide hundreds of quotes covering the price of attic cleaning. Read on to learn more about which costs may apply to your property.

    What Factors Can Affect Attic Cleaning Cost Services?

    Attic Condition

    Cleaning a poorly maintained attic can be challenging, even for seasoned professionals. After a few years of neglect, pollutants, mold, and dust will build up on shelves, cabinetry, and insulation materials.

    As a result, attic cleaning will take a longer time and cost more money. If an attic is in especially poor condition, it might require additional costs of protection against toxic materials.

    Attic Size

    Attic cleaning services might cost more for residential and commercial structures with complex layouts and more sizeable footprints. Your attic size includes areas that only offer negative space.

    These areas include corners with sloping roofs where you cannot store belongings. They may also consist of electrical wiring and HVAC equipment.

    Service Inclusions

    Our experts at Insulation Co. offer a broad range of service inclusions. We perform rodent-proofing, insulation replacement, and decontamination. Attics can also host rodent carcasses, rotted wood, and numerous kinds of biowaste, which can affect our final quotation.

    Cost of Attic Cleaning vs. Hiring a Professional

    DIY attic cleaning might sound simple. However, it’s one of the most challenging maintenance jobs you can ever perform in your home.

    High-traffic areas like living rooms and dining areas receive frequent maintenance. In contrast, crawl spaces, attics, and maintenance rooms could be hosting mold colonies and dry rot for years without anyone noticing.

    Our hygiene technicians were once DIYers who honed their skills before offering them to the other property owners. We have been through all the mistakes amateurs make. Common errors include going in without a project timeline, using ammonia in confined spaces, and ignoring signs of termite, rodent, and mold infestations.

    We serve many DIY cleaners who did not know they needed help from licensed contractors until they were two or three weeks into an attic cleaning job. Ironically, many of them spend more than they need while trying to save on their total attic cleaning costs.

    FAQs about Attic Cleaning Service Costs Budget

    How much does attic cleaning cost?

    Most of our projects cost $1.50 per square foot. However, this figure varies depending on various demands.

    Let’s say we discover a mold colony under your floorboards. We’ll likely charge extra to decontaminate it. Likewise, another cost could be removing the musty smell left by the mold.

    We might also charge a higher price if some of your insulation materials have mold-blackened sublayers. This buildup could take days to hours of restorative dehumidifying and ventilation.

    How often should you clean an attic?

    Our experts recommend that you clean your attic annually. If a family member has severe allergies or asthma, we recommend cleaning your attic twice a year.

    How to budget the cost of attic cleaning?

    These costs typically account for numerous cleaning procedures. You should draw up a budget for each procedure:

    • Rubbish and biowaste removal
    • Rodent eradication and proofing
    • Mold removal
    • Moisture proofing


    Do you still have questions about attic cleaning costs and other attic maintenance procedures? Trust the experts at Insulation Co to get the most upfront costs for attic cleaning, inspections, and repairs. We offer our clients high performance with the most cost-effective prices.

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