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Upgrade Your Home's Comfortability and Energy Efficiency By Removing Old Insulation

Have you noticed that you are constantly reaching for the thermostat? Is your home rapidly fluctuating between too hot and too cold? Are you seeing condensation on your walls and ceiling? Attic insulation plays a critical role in your home’s health, safety, and comfort, and if old or damaged, it can pose some major health and safety risks.

Luckily, Insulation Co., has a team of experienced experts ready to remove your old insulation and replace it with a new material. Whether you’re in need of insulation removal, replacement, or installation, we’ve got you covered. Connect with us today to get a free estimate!

Why Remove Old Insulation?

In this situation, leaks or water seeping through your roof or attic can result in wet insulation. This can lead to water damage, mold growth, and all types of structural degradation. Removing your old insulation allows for proper inspection of your attic condition and prevents these issues from occurring. 

Important to realize that over the years, your insulation wears down and becomes less effective at temperature control. Innovation in insulation technology is rapidly advancing, leaving your old insulation much less effective in filtering out dust and allergens in the air or in creating a warm and comfortable living environment.

In due time, old Insulation can be an attractive nesting ground for rats, mice, birds, and raccoons. By inspecting and removing old insulation, you can ensure you don’t meet unwanted roommates or face any health concerns.

Above all left untreated, wet insulation can be a breeding ground for mold. Rather than being reactive to new mold development, a complete insulation replacement will attack the issue at the source and provide you peace of mind.

Factors to Consider When Removing Insulation From the Attic

Type of Insulation

In recent years, blown-in insulation has gained popularity as the primary choice for insulation. Before installing blown-in, it is essential to remove existing insulation materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, and blown-in insulation. Each type necessitates a distinct approach to ensure thorough preparation for the installation of new insulation.

Contaminated insulation

You’ll want your insulation contractor to thoroughly investigate contaminants such as mold and asbestos before the removal and disposal process.

Safety Precautions

Safety is a big concern when removing insulation. You want to ensure the removal team wears the proper gear and uses the proper techniques to contain and transport the hazardous material from your home.

Benefits of Attic Insulation Removal

Mold Prevention

If mold is already present, removal allows you to rid your home of the current infestation and clean the area. Once removed, our team can adequately identify and address the source of the mold and make a plan to protect you from future mold growth.

Pest and Rodent Exclusion

We clean, disinfect, and deodorize your attic. This step is important to preventing the spread of potential diseases and deterring future rodent infestations. We do a thorough inspection of your space, removing existing rodents and rodent nests as well as sealing off any identified entry points to block rodents from entering into your attic, giving you peace of mind for healthy and pest-free living.

Preparation for Upgrades

Rather than periodically patching and replacing old insulation, complete removal allows you to upgrade to a new, more efficient insulation option with superior performance and energy efficiency.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As insulation ages, it collects dust and allergens, slowly reducing its ability to correctly filter out the air you breathe. Old insulation can also become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, worsening your home’s air quality. Complete removal and new insulation will drastically improve the air you breathe.

Identification of Underlying Issues

Once your old insulation is cleared out, our team has a clear field of vision of your attic, allowing us better to identify potential damages or vulnerabilities in your space. Leaks, mold damage, compromised roofing, and other issues can be addressed before your new insulation is installed.

Health Considerations

If your current insulation has been contaminated by mold, pests, or other damages, there are certain health concerns you may be at risk for. Similarly, insulation that is over 10 years old may contain formaldehyde, which can pose concerns for carcinogens and long term health issues. Reinstating proper air filtration with new insulation can drastically enhance air quality and improve your overall health.

What’s Included in Our Attic Insulation Removal Process

If you’re ready to get your insulation removed, get in contact with our experienced team members! We are available for free same-day over the phone estimates! You will chat with one of our team leads, who will gather all necessary information about the current condition of your attic and can provide you with a detailed quote based on the scope of your project!

If removal is deemed the best option, our team will get right to work with the removal process. We take all precautions to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy and no further damage is done. Our team is equipped with top-of-the-line protective gear and trained in the latest insulation removal techniques to leave you with peace of mind that your home is in the best hands possible.

Our team can remove any live or dead rodents if furry friends are an issue. We offer additional rodent exclusion and sealing services that may be beneficial depending on the severity of the infestation. We thoroughly clean all lingering pest remnants, ensuring your attic is clean and ready for new insulation.

More than damaging your old insulation, water can affect the structural integrity of your home, which is why we prioritize treating any signs of water damage. Our team will evaluate and recommend comprehensive solutions to existing and addressing potential vulnerabilities to attic ventilation or in your attic space. Before installation, we dry out your attic and treat the area, combating further growth.

Once all insulation has been removed and the area has been thoroughly cleaned and deodorized, it’s time to install your new insulation! We adhere to all Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) guidelines to ensure your home is up to code and you will be staying warm! We recommend blow-in insulation as the most functional option as it forms itself into every inch of your attic, filling in small gaps and creating an air-tight seal in your space. Traditional batting insulation comes in pre-cut sections that do not offer a custom-made fit to your space and will leave you with gaps allowing for air to leak in and out of your attic. Our team is trained in all types of insulation installation and is ready to tackle all insulation needs.

Lastly, we’ll recycle applicable materials and carefully discard hazardous and contaminated materials according to local guidelines. We strive to be environmentally conscious in all stages of installation and removal. We always look for ways to improve our process and be eco-friendly.

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Why Choose Insulation Co. LLC for Your Attic Insulation Removal Needs

Experience You Can Trust

With Insulation Co, all of our crew leads have a minimum of 10 years of experience in insulation removal and installation. We ensure that our entire team is extensively trained and is always under the guidance of a senior crew lead to ensure premium quality and peak efficiency.

Locally Owned and Operated

Our founder, Jo, has been unwaveringly dedicated to delivering top-notch insulation services to the greater Seattle area for the past two decades. His commitment to excellent skilled craftsmanship has allowed him to grow Insulation Co. LLC into a trusted and reputable source for all insulation needs in the Seattle community.

Two-Year Warranty

We stand behind our services and offer a 2-year warranty on our removal services, inclusive of a free courtesy inspection. We are confident in the quality and durability of our services and want you to feel confident when choosing Insulation Co. as your Insulation contractor.

Free, Same-Day Estimate

We prioritize your time and want to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. We work diligently to provide free same-day estimates to help aid your decision-making process and allow you to start your project as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attic Insulation Removal

No, you should not remove old insulation yourself. Old insulation can host dust, allergens, and, in some cases, asbestos or mold. Without the proper technique and equipment, you are exposing yourself to these hazardous conditions, which can negatively affect your health and overall well-being. Not to mention that there are specific disposal standards that most homeowners are not privy to.

The cost of insulation removal is variable based on the size of the project, accessibility, and overall condition of the insulation. If you are thinking about getting your insulation removed, contact our experienced team at Insulation Co. for a free estimate for your space.

If you notice your home has large temperature fluctuations, moisture on the walls and ceiling, draftiness, or you feel like you are constantly sick, it may be time to remove your insulation. Old insulation loses its effectiveness in regulating temperatures in your home. It can be a gateway for more significant issues, such as mold and asbestos, to grow in your home and make you sick. If your insulation is nearing the end of its life or has incurred damage, contact a professional, such as Insulation Co., to evaluate your space.

Why Choose Insulation Co. LLC for Your INSULATION REMOVAL

over 25 years experience

Insulation Co. – Serving Seattle for 25+ years with expertise and professionalism. Our experienced team, led by founder Jo, has been dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to all his customers for almost two decades. All of our team members have over ten years of experience in the industry and are fully trained and certified.  Your trusted partner in Seattle for insulation solutions. Trust our experienced team for all your insulation needs.Contact us today for expert service and friendly assistance.

10-year warranty on insulation workmanship

All of our work is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on insulation workmanship and a 2-year transferable warranty on mold remediation, sump pump, and French drain install workmanship (if applicable to the bid scope of work). Included in our warranty is one free complimentary courtesy check. Unlike other companies, there does not have to be anything wrong for us to come and inspect your attic and crawl space. We encourage customers to schedule their courtesy check a year after the work is done to put their minds at ease that everything is still in tip-top shape.

insured, bonded, and licensed

Insulation Co. – Providing licensed, bonded, and insured services for your insulation needs. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality work. It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured because this ensures we know how to do our job properly and can protect ourselves against any potential mistakes. We also know this will offer a sense of security to our customers. Having worker’s compensation and liability insurance for our employees means we are allowed to get and sign building permits if necessary. 

owner-run company

Owning a business can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding. Experience the advantage of talking directly to the owner of our business, Jo, who started installing insulation at the young age of 10. Jo, the founder of the company, has firsthand experience in the insulation industry since childhood. Gain a unique advantage by connecting with Jo, the owner of our business. Benefit from firsthand experience and expert knowledge in the insulation industry! Get a free estimate and virtual consultation now!

free same-day estimates

Get fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes for your home improvement project. We understand that this is not a cheap service. Providing customers with fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes will give you a starting point for your home improvement project. Included in your free estimate is a virtual consultation to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. Start your home improvement project with ease!

5 star customer reviews

Experience a customer-focused company that prioritizes your wants and needs. Our goal is to make a customer and not a sale. Some businesses are too focused on making sales but don’t pay enough attention to satisfying the customers’ wants and needs. Customer reviews are a reflection of our customer’s experience with our company and services. Customer interactions are our primary means to create true customer relationships to build our brand. 

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