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We offer blown-in, batt, cellulose, foam board and roxul insulation material for crawl spaces, attics & ceilings and walls.

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Local Insulation Contractor Services

Insulation Co. lives up to our reputation as one of Washington State’s leading insulation contractors by investing heavily in the technology and employee talent necessary to provide superior insulation services. 

Our work is also bolstered by decades of insulation and crawl space experience. Jo Estrada, our founder, has 25+ years of experience and each one of our crew leaders has a minimum of 10 years of insulation service experience. 

The deep experience of our team enables us to provide accurate same-day estimates, so you can rest easy knowing that the number we quoted you on the phone is the same number you’ll receive at the end of your insulation service. 

Continue reading to learn more about the services our insulation specialists provide or call us today to request a free, same-day quote.

Local Insulation Company

Clean and well-maintained insulation helps you regulate your home’s energy, reduces toxins in the air, and keeps moisture out of your attic, crawl space, and walls. 

Our insulation installation services include: 

  • Fiberglass blown-in
  • Fiberglass batt
  • Blown-in cellulose
  • Rigid foam board 
  • Roxul insulation 
  • Closed-cell spray foam

Need crawl space insulation? Our comprehensive installation service includes water pipes and the vapor barrier. As for attic insulation — while insulation excels as a thermal barrier, it isn’t the best air barrier. To mitigate air leakage, our insulation specialists can apply an air foam seal around lights, plumbing, and wires that penetrate the drywall. This reduces energy loss and helps you regulate interior temperatures.

Attic & Crawl Space Cleanouts

If your energy costs have been unusually high or if odd odors are floating out of your attic or crawl space, then it’s likely time to order a cleanout. 

Our cleanout specialists have the equipment needed to quickly remove: 

  • Any debris
  • Carcasses
  • Droppings
  • Damaged or old insulation
  • Damaged or old vapor barrier 

Once your space has been cleaned out, we’ll deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect the entire space to kill bacteria. Finally, as your local insulation contractors, we’ll refresh your space with clean and effectively installed insulation.

Heat Duct Sealing & Repair

If your heating costs seem to be increasing or if each heat vent in your home seems to blow a different volume of air, then it’s likely that you have punctures or other problems with your heat ducts.

As your insulation contractor, we’ll keep an eye out for damage to your heat ducts. Our heat duct repair services include:

  • Heat duct repair. If we find holes in your metal ducts during insulation services, then we’ll repair those holes with sheet metal. If flex ducts have too many punctures, we’ll replace them.

Metal heat duct seal & re-wrap. We’ll seal all the seams, joints, boots, and registers with a mastic seal. This is much more effective than aluminum tape. To finish, we’ll wrap the heat duct with unfaced r11 batt insulation to create a thermal barrier.

Mold/Mildew Removal & Remediation

The presence of mold or mildew in your crawl space or attic poses a serious health risk to inhabitants of your home and can also damage the value of your house. 


Our mold removal and remediation services clean out the existing mold and mitigate the conditions that allowed mold to grow — protecting your spaces and air quality for years to come. 

Our mold remediation services include: 

  • Removal of mold-infested insulation. In addition to insulation bearing obvious mold growth, we’ll also remove any insulation that has been contaminated with spores or is a potential mold risk. 
  • Mold control & mold primer. Our 2-coat process eliminates mold and mildew smell and helps prevent mold/mildew from growing again. Our mold primer comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Bath fan vent installation or repair. A surprisingly high number of attic bath fan vents in the Pacific Northwest are not connected to roof vents. Instead, they empty bath steam directly into the attic, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. We remediate this situation by connecting bath vents to roof vents and replacing, repairing, and sealing bath fan vents where necessary. 
  • Additional ventilation installation. The most common cause of mold growth is poor ventilation. Without proper ventilation, water can’t escape your attic or crawl space, and standing water leads to mold. Our dedicated insulation contractors can remediate this problem by adding roof jacks, ridge vents, eave vents, and other solutions. 

If you are looking for mold removal and remediation services, contact Insulation Co. today. Our experts can provide you with a same-day ventilation calculation and estimate.

Animal Exclusion & Crawl Space Sealing

Lured by your crawl space and attic, bats, mice, rats, and other animals can track disease into your home, pollute the air, and destroy insulation. Protecting your home from these pests requires diligent blocking of all the possible points of entry. 

If you need help protecting your home from rodents and other pests, our insulation contractors can help. Our animal exclusion services include: 

Repair/replace ventilation screens. If damaged, the soffit vents around the perimeter of your foundation provide easy access points for rodents. We’ll mitigate this hole in your defenses by ensuring all your vents are repaired or re-screened. 

Seal foundation entry points. Common crawl space entry points for pests include open drain pipes, foundation drain vents, and burrows at the foot of the foundation. We’ll seal all these openings with concrete and cap all drain vents. 

Install a new vertical crawl space access door. The door you use to access your crawl space is often the primary point of entry for rodents. We’ll custom fabricate a new access door that seals perfectly against your foundation.
It can be challenging to insulate a wall for noise reduction if there’s already drywall installed. At Insulation Co., our experts have solved this problem by investing in specialized equipment that enables us to insulate interior and exterior walls without any demolition or drywall work. 

For interior walls, our technique involves drilling 2” holes at each cavity and filling those holes with cellulose blown-in insulation. Cellulose is a dense and heavy insulation material that we can pack tightly, making it a superior insulation for sound reduction.

For exterior walls, our technique requires drilling 2” holes at each cavity and blowing in Owen’s Corning L77 fiberglass insulation. We use Owen’s because it is formaldehyde-free. If your exterior walls have siding, we remove a row of siding to gain access to the plywood.

For both interior and exterior walls, once the insulation is installed, we cover the holes with a foam or wooden plug. If we removed siding from your external wall, we’ll reinstall the siding after the plug is put in place.

Dependable Insulation Contractors Near You

From crawl space cleanouts to attic ventilation services, Insulation Co. is your go-to crawl space and attic insulation contractor. Our decades of experience enable us to quote accurately, get the job done quickly, and build lasting relationships with our customers. 

Call or text us today to inquire about our insulation services and get your free, same-day quote.

Drill & Fill Blown-in Insulation for Interior & Exterior Walls

Insulation Co. is a local, family-owned insulation and weatherization contractor that has been serving the pacific northwest since 2008. Our company specializes in attic & ceiling, wall and crawl space insulation install and removal. We offer blown-in, batt, cellulose, foam board and roxul insulation material for crawl spaces, attics & ceilings and walls. Some of our project specialties include: retrofit upgrades, remodels, additions, garages, shops, basements and new construction. We also offer services including: crawl space access door fabrication, heat duct sealing & repair, drill & fill for walls & ceilings, air sealing, energy audits and clean outs. Call or text us today at 425.903.6453 for a free estimate!

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Insulation Contractors Near You

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