Lynnwood Crawl Space Mold Removal

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The crawl space of a home or business is often ignored. That’s why a poorly insulated crawl space is the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold leads to medical problems that can easily be confused for allergies or the flu. Side-effects mold cause include:

  • Shortness of breath and/or chronic coughing
  • Red, watery, stuffy, or itchy eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Chronic sinusitis

Keep your family safe by calling Insulation Co. LLC – Removal & Clean Outs.

Lynnwood Crawl Space Mold Removal & Remediation Services

We here at Insulation Co. are experts at crawl space mold removal. We back our comprehensive crawl space mold remediation and insulation services with our combined 50+ years of experience. Our mold remediation in crawl space services include:

  • Drying and mold removal: We can start by drying the mold and safely removing it from the building.
  • Removal of mold-infested insulation: Contaminated insulation may contain mold spores. We will remove your insulation and install new insulation in its place.
  • Mold control and mold primer: Our high-quality primer two-coat treatment will eliminate and prevent mold and mildew and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Bath fan vent installation or repair: Instead of bathroom fans sending moisture through a roof’s vent, sometimes this moisture is sent to the attic. This makes the attic the perfect hotspot for mold/mildew growth. Our team can rectify this problem by connecting your bathroom fan to your roof vent.
  • Additional ventilation installation: You can stave off mold growth by adequately ventilating your crawl space or attic. Our team can install ridge vents, eave vents, and other ventilation solutions.
Why Choose Us

For crawl space mold remediation and prevention, it’s crucial to consult an expert team. At Insulation Co., we are proud to put our experience to work for you.

Part of our commitment to crawl space mold removal includes same-day estimates for any ventilation service. If you suspect your crawl space or attic has mold, we’re just a call away from springing into action!

Our team will effortlessly diagnose the problem and discuss options for removing and preventing mold in crawl spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Mold

When it comes to mold, there are some questions we get asked frequently:

  • How do I spot the first signs of mold? Since you’re not likely to be in your crawl space, the first signs of mold will be an unpleasant odor or even health problems such as coughing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, etc.
  • What kind of mold grows in crawl spaces, and what dangers does it pose? Three main types of mold grow in crawl spaces: black, white, and yellow. Black mold is the most common and deadliest. Black mold releases mycotoxins, triggering dangerous allergic reactions. The second type of mold is white. While less harmful than black mold, this mold can still release toxins. The last type, yellow, typically feeds on wooden structures, causing them to rot.
  • What are the reasons for mold growth? Mold grows due to tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye. While there are many types of mold, they all require water or moisture.
  • How do I prevent mold from growing? The best way to prevent mold growth is to schedule regular inspections by a dedicated team of professionals.
  • What kills mold in crawl spaces? There are both DIY and professional solutions for killing mold in your crawl space. However, mold can easily resurge if not eliminated. That’s why Insulation Co. ensures optimal crawl space fungus treatment.
Dedicated Lynnwood Service You Can Trust

Optimal crawl space mold removal calls for an expert service like Insulation Co. Our hassle-free process, paired with our highly experienced professional team, will ensure the proper removal and prevention of mold.

Let our team help remove and prevent crawl space mold. Contact us today.

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