Insulation Co. is dedicated to providing its customers with the best mold removal services available. We offer two different methods of mold removal, each with its own unique benefits. Our first method is called RMR, which is a toxic mold remediation process. This process is highly effective in removing mold from your property, but it requires you to vacate your home for a period of 3 days to ensure your safety. During this time, our team of experts will be working tirelessly to remove all traces of mold from your property. Our second method is a non-toxic mold remediation process that is ideal for most attic and crawl spaces. This method is safe and does not require any vacancy, making it a convenient and affordable option for homeowners. Our team of experts will carefully inspect your property to determine the extent of the mold growth and then use specialized equipment to remove it safely and effectively. At Insulation Co., we understand the importance of keeping your home safe and free from mold. That’s why we provide our customers with the option of choosing the method of mold removal that best suits their needs. So, whether you require a toxic or non-toxic mold remediation, we’ve got you covered.