Mount Vernon Insulation Removal and Replacement for Your Attic & Crawl Space

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    Insulation is the last line of defense between your home and your exterior siding. Its protective barrier seals in proper ventilation while keeping out unwanted pests and germs. It is the difference between a cozy home and a majestic one.

    If rodents, mold, or other structural factors have compromised your insulation, it is no longer serving you. Insulation Co. makes insulation removal and replacement easy, quick, and straightforward. Our team specializes in accessing hard-to-reach areas to keep out external elements.

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    Mount Vernon Insulation Contractor Services

    Insulation Co. has served the Mount Vernon area with over 50 years of experience and offers every insulation-related service. Given that most insulation is in the attic, we understand the uneasiness and speculation that may arise when dealing with ventilation issues. Some of our insulation services include:

    • Insulation installation
    • Mold remediation
    • Rodent exclusion & sealing

    Advantages of Insulation Removal and Replacement


    Lower Electric Bill

    Ineffective insulation is the leading cause of high energy bills. Insulation damaged by mold, animals, and other pests allows air in the house to escape and air outside to enter. Proper airflow is critical to maintaining low electric usage and will escalate as damage progresses. 

    Clean Home

    The most significant benefit of insulation removal and replacement is the protection it offers your home. Moisture condensation pools when an insulation system is compromised, leading to further decay of the attic and other spaces. 


    Danger has a higher chance of crawling into a home exposed to the elements. Rodents and birds love to burrow into any sheltered area, making a drafty attic ideal. Leaving crevices accessible to wildlife can endanger structural details and anyone living in the home.

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    Mount Vernon Insulation Removal Services

    Our insulation contractors begin all insulation removal services with a thorough clean-out. Things we might remove during an insulation service include:

    • Former insulation
    • Excessive dust and debris
    • Animals such as rodents, insects, and birds (living or dead)
    • Mold and other contaminated items 

    Insulation Co. offers additional services specializing in mold treatment to rid a musty attic of any lingering particles and odors. After deep clean and restorative ventilation measures are complete, a two-coat treatment process is applied. We move forward with insulation replacement only after appropriately treating the space.

    Attic Sealing & Animal Removal

    Insulation Co. doesn’t let any invasive pests stand a chance by taking preventative measures immediately. A fresh insulation installation will make a home more inviting, even to unwanted guests. Insulation sealing and preventive pest control services include:

    • Foam sealant application for plumbing and electrical cavities
    • Ventilation screen fixtures
    • Sealant application for foundation entry points
    • Replacement crawl space doors

    Mount Vernon Insulation Replacements & Installation Services

    A clean and emptied space is ready for new insulation replacement. Insulation Co. will assess what insulation type best suits your home’s needs and follow the homeowner’s preferences. Attic spaces can be insulated with any of the following options:

    Fiberglass and Cellulose Blown-in Insulation

    Blown-in insulation is a loose material usually composed of cellulose or fiberglass. The material is blown in through a hose to target the insulation into every inch of space. Its compaction provides a high density of insulation.

    Fiberglass Batt Insulation

    Batt insulation is most often made from fiberglass and rolled out into mat-like formations. It can cover large areas and provides an even spread of containment. Batt insulation may be ideal for flat attics with straight lines to fill. 

    Rigid Foam Board

    Like batt insulation, rigid foam boards are laid onto flat spaces. They are great options for homes that experience high humidity levels, as they are mold and mildew resistant. They are also quite affordable. 

    Roxul Insulation

    Roxul insulation consists of a stone fleece that is similar to the looseness of batt insulation. This insulator is water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

    Closed-Cell Spray Foam

    A choice with growing popularity is closed-cell spray foam insulation. It is completely water-resistant and creates a thick, impenetrable membrane for rodents and other animals. This option is sprayed directly into the space.

    Insulation Removal & Replacement Experts in Mount Vernon

    Insulation Co. has served the Mount Vernon area with over 50 years of experience. Their expansive knowledge means your insulation removal and replacement will be handled quickly and diligently. Quit searching for “attic insulation removal and replacement near me” and call Insulation Co. today at 425-903-6453 for a free same-day estimate!

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