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Insulation Co delivers crawl space cleaning services to help you live a healthier life.

Crawl spaces are prone to be dark, dirty, and damp, making them susceptible to moisture-related issues such as mold, rot, and termite infestations.

Poorly maintained crawl spaces can have damaged insulation, pest infestation, and structural damage.

Damaged insulation can let in outdoor elements, such as summer heat and winter cold. Allergens can mix into your home’s indoor air, increasing the risk of health issues.

Puyallup Crawl Space Cleaning Services

Insulation Co’s crawl space cleaners inspect mold growth, pollutants, and signs of moisture damage. We have over 25 years of experience, and each crew leader has ten years of experience. You are in safe hands; we do a thorough crawl space clean-up every time.


Crawl spaces may become clogged with debris limiting access for cleaning or repairs. Our crawl space clean-out inspection starts with removing all debris and junk.


After junk removal, organisms growing on surfaces such as mold and mildew require removal. Mold can be dangerous, and some variations are hard to see. We use a special spray compound to remove mold.

Dead Animals

The awful odor in your home may be dead animals in the crawl space. We safely dispose of any animal droppings and carcasses. Specially formulated sanitizing and deodorizing sprays remove excess contaminants.

Insulation Damage

A crawl space’s insulation can serve as a breeding ground for pests, which chew and damage the insulation. Before sealing up the crawl space, we will remove any damaged or torn materials.


Gutters and downspouts help divert water away from the home’s foundation. We clean the gutters and downspouts to clear blockages.

Vapor Barrier

Moisture naturally rises into a house, affecting wood, insulation, and drywall. We can install a vapor barrier to protect your home. A vapor barrier creates a formidable barrier against mold.

Why Is Crawl Space Insulation Important?

Crawl space insulation is an integral part of maintaining your home’s energy efficiency. Without it, heat and cold air can escape through the floors.

  • Clean Air: Crawl space insulation prevents airborne contaminants from infiltrating your home. A tight insulation seal prevents outdoor air from entering your conditioned space.
  • Save Money: A well-insulated crawl space will make the HVAC system more efficient. Save money on your energy bill and enjoy a more comfortable home.
  • Get rid of pests: Durable insulation can keep critters away from your crawl space and home.
Do I Need Crawl Space Cleaning Services?

Most homeowners do not spend much time inspecting the crawl space of their homes. Ideally, you should inspect the crawl space twice a year and call a professional if you discover any problems.

Signs that you need crawl space services:
  • Crawl space is wet
  • High humidity inside the home
  • Cold or hot spots
  • Damaged or improper insulation
  • Rodent and pest infestations
Puyallup Crawl Space Insulation Removal Services

Insulation Co can handle your home’s crawl space insulation removal. We take great care to keep debris and toxins from drifting into your home during the removal process.

Our qualified professionals mask and seal the crawl space to properly clean and dispose of old insulation. We use high-power vacuums and hand-rolling techniques to remove insulation.

  1. Old Insulation: Crawl space insulation will age and need replacement over time. Old insulation can be rotting, decayed, and outdated.
  2. Soiled Insulation: Mold can wet and dampen insulation. Additionally, mold and other organisms can seep through the insulation. Removing dirty insulation is a priority task, as mold is harmful.
  3. Damaged Insulation: Animals like squirrels make their homes inside insulation. Urine, feces, and nests can damage insulation, making it less effective.
Puyallup Crawl Space Insulation Replacement & Installation Services

nsulation Co does crawl space insulation replacement as well as crawl space cleaning. We have more than 50 years of combined experience replacing old, soiled, or damaged insulation.

Crawl spaces consist of two types: ventilated and unventilated. Ventilated crawl spaces offer better moisture protection. Generally, we install rolled fiberglass insulation between floor joists and against the subfloors.

Unventilated crawl spaces need insulation along the foundation walls. Consequently, ducts and pipes do not need to be separately insulated. An unventilated crawl space requires less insulation.

Additionally, we recommend installing a waterproofing agent like a vapor barrier to protect your home from damage.

Crawl Space Sealing Services

Your dry and freshly insulated crawl space is at the top of every rodents’ dream home list. Bats, rats, mice, and other pests can quickly damage insulation and spread disease into your home’s air. Since up to 40% of the air in your home is drawn in through the crawl space, it is crucial to keep rodents away.

Our animal exclusion services include:

  • Foundation entry point sealing
  • Crawl space access door replacement
  • Ventilation screen repair/replacement
  • Foam air sealing of all plumbing and wire penetrations
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