Rodent Exclusion and Sealing Services

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Protect Your Home From Insects and Rodents

Rodents, insects, and other small animals are quite fond of your attic and crawl space. These places offer dark, safe nesting spots with the right amount of moisture and appropriate temperatures. They’re also close to food.

Unfortunately, these unwanted pests foul your attic or crawl space with their waste, track it around your home, and damage and contaminate your insulation. Some of the animals carry disease.

In some cases, an infestation can cause the air in your home to become polluted. More than 40% of the air in most homes is drawn in through the crawl space. Do you really want that air passing over rodent waste?

You can count on Insulation Co. LLC – Removal & Clean Outs for complete pest exclusion and sealing services. We have more than 25 years of experience in keeping insects, bats, mice, rats, birds, and other animals out of homes and businesses. Call today for your free estimate.

Comprehensive Animal Exclusion Techniques

We’ve built up an impressive arsenal of effective techniques for keeping pests out of your home or business.

  • Foundation entry point sealing — We’ll inspect your building and look for drain pipes, foundation drain vents, and other points of entry. We’ll seal them with concrete and caps to prevent further entry. If anything has dug a burrow, will block that, too.
  • Crawl space access door replacement — In many buildings, this door is not well constructed and does not fit tightly, so it offers an easy entry point for rodents. We’ll fabricate a door that fits correctly and blocks entry.
  • Ventilation screen repair/replacement — Soffit vents around the perimeter of your foundation may have damaged screens or no screens at all. We’ll repair and re-screen your foundation.
  • Foam air sealing of all plumbing and wire penetrations — Small holes where electrical wiring, cable or internet wiring, and other utilities come into your building may be large enough to admit animals. We’ll use foam to block them.
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