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Insulation Co. Seattle, WA Insulation Removal and replacement services

Our insulation professionals are well versed in insulation services and our company offers quick solutions to solve any of your insulation needs. Searching for crawl space and attic insulation removal near me will also provide many results, but you need an experienced professional with over 50 years of insulation experience.

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Benefits of Insulation removal and replacement in seattle, WA

cut utility bill cost

One of the primary causes of high utility bills in Seattle, WA, is poor attic insulation. While you may be unaware of this issue, consulting an insulation installer will bring noticeable changes. Our team of professionals has extensive experience helping homeowners lower their utility costs by removing and replacing insulation. serves all these neighborhoods and any surrounding cities.

improve comfort

Keeping your home comfortable during the hot summers and cold winters is essential. A solid insulation company that works on your insulation needs assures your home is easy to maintain. The comfortability comes from the insulation working alongside your HVAC system.

improve indoor air quality

Insulation and ventilation work together to maintain proper air circulation and, consequently, improve the overall comfort of your home. If your insulation is old, the quality of your insulation is poor and may even contain formaldehyde, a hazardous chemical. Keeping old insulation around can carry a lot of risks

less stess on your HVAC system

Well-insulated homes not only improve the energy efficiency of a living space but also help to lower energy bills, which can potentially save you money. If your home contains old insulation, it is most likely that your insulation is too old to be effective at insulating your home which will cause higher heating and cooling costs.

reduce noise pollution

Installing the proper insulation can make your home significantly quieter by absorbing the sound that bounces off floors and walls.

protect against ice dams

 Ice dams are caused by water buildup on the roof and can damage your home and yield unwanted mold and mildew. Moisture-resistant insulation can drastically reduce the risk of ice damns forming.

Stress-free process

from start to finish

Homeowners in the Seattle, WA area face attic and crawl space insulation problems at one point or another. These problems usually arise from mold, rodents, water damage, and debris. These problems are unforeseen, and you may not notice them until your insulation sustains significant damage. When faced with such issues, your best option is to seek insulation removal and replacement services, and this is where Insulation Co. comes in.

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Insulation Removal Services

As your house ages, so does the insulation. Therefore, if your house’s insulation has served you for years, the efficiency has likely dropped. Moreover, it’s outdated and may not be as efficient as today’s insulation. Our insulation removal experts can examine your attic’s insulation to determine if a replacement is necessary.


Removing Soiled and damaged Insulation

The presence of mold and mildew can eat up your attic and cause respiratory problems. A musty smell around your home signifies the presence of mold. Insulation removal and replacement services are your best bet because they provide permanent solutions to mold. The insulation technicians at Insulation Co. identify the source of moisture attracting the mold and seal up the holes to prevent further mold growth. Natural disasters, aging, and rodent infestation have the potential to damage your attic. Therefore, you need insulation contractors well-versed in attic cleaning and debris removal. By engaging with our Seattle, WA insulation company, you can rest assured we have the solution. After the installation, we take measures to keep the new insulation in shape and serve you for longer.


Insulation replacement and insulation installation

Sound insulation services require an experienced insulation installer’s attention. A brief search for ‘house insulators near me’ will give you different results. While many companies offer insulation installation, landing an experienced company is vital. Our Seattle, WA insulation removal & replacement company has 50 years of insulation experience. Our able crew handles damage and installation of state-of-the-art energy-efficient insulation. Here’s a list of installation services we offer:

  • Fiberglass blown-in
  • Fiberglass batt
  • Blown-in cellulose.
  • Rigid foam board
  • Roxul insulation
  • Closed-cell spray foam

offering more than just insulation services

Seattle, WA Mold Removal and Mold remediation

Insulation Co. LLC Removal & Clean Outs offers safe mold removal and remediation for your crawl space and attic. Our mold remediation experts are trained and certified to help clean up and repair mold in your attic or crawl space. Mold should be professionally removed, once removed our experts help reduce the risk of further growth and spread.

Rodent exclusion and crawl space air sealing for your seattle home

Your newly installed insulation attracts birds and rodents fast. However, our team ensures you can keep these invaders away by offering:

  • Foundation entry point sealing
  • Crawl-space access door replacement 
  • Ventilation screen repair/replacement
  • Foam air sealing of all plumbing and wire penetrations

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Insulation is vital in properties and helps maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the property, and it’s essential to seek out insulation removal and replacement experts for assured results. 

Here at Seattle, WA  Insulation Co., we follow the laid WSEC regulations. Our experience allows for a quick same-day estimate for your insulation installation project. Contact Insulation Co. today to solve your insulation needs.


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We are a Seattle, WA insulation contractor certified in mold remediation. Any mold problem in your attic or crawl space we can fix. If you have found mold, don’t panic, Seattle Insulation Co. is here to help.

Mold is simply a problem of excessive moisture which can happen in either your attic or crawl space. Mold survives in almost any environment that has moisture, the right temperature, and something to feed from which could be anything from dust, drywall to wood. 


Insulation Co. LLC offers professional sump pump installation services to keep your crawl space dry during the rainy season. Contact us today for a dry and protected crawl space.

Crawl space sump pump systems are a vital tool in preventing moisture and water damage in the crawl space. Insulation Co.’s sump pump experts will install a submerged pump located in the lowest part of the crawl space, and this will be housed in a sump pit or basin. 


At Insulation Co. we have the best-trained technicians to handle any crawl space or attic project. If you are experiencing any rodent or pest infestations our company has the leading experts in performing any rodent pest removal. We know how stressful it is to discover rodents in your home and we are committed to providing the best techniques available in rodent exclusion management for your health and comfort.


Properly installed insulation is a crucial component of your home. When winter months roll around and your home keeps feeling cold, you might want to consider some insulation upgrades. Insulation is a thermal barrier that protects your home against the outside elements. Properly installed insulation is what helps maintain a consistent temperature within your home. Insulation minimizes the need for your heating and cooling systems to work overtime.


Crawl space and attics are out of sight out of mind but the benefits from crawl space clean outs can make all the difference. Some of the benefits of crawl space cleaning include preventing rodent infestations, lower energy bills, moisture protection, and much more!


Vapor barrier crawlspace benefits include:

*Keeps moisture from seeping up through the flooring of your home

*Keeps mold and mildew from growing

*Discourages rodents/pets that prefer wet environments

*Provides extra insulation to improve your home energy efficiency

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