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Are you looking for a way to transform your Mount Vernon, Washington home? Our expert attic cleanup services can help you achieve a cleaner and more organized living space. With our help, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Professional Cleaning: Our team of professionals will thoroughly clean your attic, removing all debris and contaminants that may be affecting your indoor air quality. We use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that your attic is clean and safe for you and your family.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: A clean attic can help to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We can remove any debris or insulation that may be blocking proper airflow, allowing your HVAC system to function more efficiently and reducing your energy bills.
  • Pest Control: Pests such as rodents and insects can make their homes in your attic, causing damage and spreading disease. We can identify and eliminate any pest infestations, ensuring that your attic is pest-free and safe for your family.
  • Increased Home Value: A clean and well-maintained attic can add value to your home. By investing in our attic cleanup services, you can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


Transform your home today with our expert attic cleanup services. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a clean, safe, and organized living space that you can enjoy for years to come.


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An attic cleaning offers many benefits for your home and your family. It’s a worthwhile investment that can improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency, pest control, roof lifespan, and home value. If you’re a homeowner in Mount Vernon, Washington, you may consider an attic cleaning. Attic cleaning services offer several advantages, including:

reduce toxins and irritants

In recent years, blown-in insulation has gained popularity as the primary choice for insulation. Before installing blown-in, it is essential to remove existing insulation materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, and blown-in insulation. Each type necessitates a distinct approach to ensure thorough preparation for the installation of new insulation.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The accumulation of dust, debris, and other pollutants in the attic can lead to poor indoor air quality. An attic cleaning can remove these contaminants, improving the air quality in your home and promoting better respiratory health for you and your family.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

A dirty attic can affect the energy efficiency of your home. When insulation is covered in dust and debris, it can’t function optimally to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An attic cleaning can help to remove the debris and improve energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Better Pest Control

Pests such as rodents, bats, and insects can make their homes in your attic, causing damage and spreading disease. An attic cleaning can help to identify and eliminate pest infestations, improving the health and safety of your home.

Longer Lifespan of Your Roof

A dirty attic can lead to moisture buildup, which can damage your roof and shorten its lifespan. By cleaning your attic, you can prevent moisture buildup and ensure that your roof lasts longer.

Increased Home Value

A clean and well-maintained attic can add value to your home. If you’re planning to sell your home, an attic cleaning can help to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

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why to get your attic professionally cleaned by insulation co. llc

Enhance the cleanliness of your home with attic cleaning services in Mount Vernon, Washington. Our experienced professionals offer efficient debris removal and thorough cleaning, ensuring a healthier living environment.


There are many safety concerns when you clean your attic. Some safety concerns include:

  • Risk of Falling
  • Risk of Falling Through The Ceiling
  • Contact with Contaminated Material
  • Potential Exposure to Exposed Wires


When cleaning and decontaminating the attic space it is important to as attentive as possible. This isn’t always easy for someone given the tight spaces that you must work in to clean an attic space. Many of the benefits won’t be shown if you are not thorough when cleaning out your attic. Damaged and insufficient insulation may be missed, or contaminants may be left and will circulating through your homes air. 


Most people aren’t trained to know how to recognize signs of potentially big problems. Also, you need to gain the knowledge and experience to understand what actions should be taken to prevent those problems from worsening. 

Why Choose Insulation Co. LLC for Your attic cleaning in mount vernon washington

over 25 years experience

Insulation Co. – Serving Seattle for 25+ years with expertise and professionalism. Our experienced team, led by founder Jo, has been dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service to all his customers for almost two decades. All of our team members have over ten years of experience in the industry and are fully trained and certified.  Your trusted partner in Seattle for insulation solutions. Trust our experienced team for all your insulation needs.Contact us today for expert service and friendly assistance.

10-year warranty on insulation workmanship

All of our work is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on insulation workmanship and a 2-year transferable warranty on mold remediation, sump pump, and French drain install workmanship (if applicable to the bid scope of work). Included in our warranty is one free complimentary courtesy check. Unlike other companies, there does not have to be anything wrong for us to come and inspect your attic and crawl space. We encourage customers to schedule their courtesy check a year after the work is done to put their minds at ease that everything is still in tip-top shape.

insured, bonded, and licensed

Insulation Co. – Providing licensed, bonded, and insured services for your insulation needs. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality work. It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured because this ensures we know how to do our job properly and can protect ourselves against any potential mistakes. We also know this will offer a sense of security to our customers. Having worker’s compensation and liability insurance for our employees means we are allowed to get and sign building permits if necessary. 

owner-run company

Owning a business can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding. Experience the advantage of talking directly to the owner of our business, Jo, who started installing insulation at the young age of 10. Jo, the founder of the company, has firsthand experience in the insulation industry since childhood. Gain a unique advantage by connecting with Jo, the owner of our business. Benefit from firsthand experience and expert knowledge in the insulation industry! Get a free estimate and virtual consultation now!

free same-day estimates

Get fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes for your home improvement project. We understand that this is not a cheap service. Providing customers with fast, free, virtual, and same-day quotes will give you a starting point for your home improvement project. Included in your free estimate is a virtual consultation to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. Start your home improvement project with ease!

5 star customer reviews

Experience a customer-focused company that prioritizes your wants and needs. Our goal is to make a customer and not a sale. Some businesses are too focused on making sales but don’t pay enough attention to satisfying the customers’ wants and needs. Customer reviews are a reflection of our customer’s experience with our company and services. Customer interactions are our primary means to create true customer relationships to build our brand. 

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