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    Snohomish County Insulation Contractor Services

    If you are located within Snohomish County, you know that attics and crawl spaces can be a place that seems to attract  a varied range of pesty animals. They enter your home through damaged or missing screens, vents, cracks and holes. Mostly,  they find an opportunity to nest in the attic or crawl spaces of your property, where they do their business, leave waste and occasionally die.

    It’s a dirty job to do a cleanout which if you take on the tasks on your own, can introduce a number of health hazards. As the saying goes “Don’t try this at home” should convince you that it’s best to leave it to the professionals from Insulation Co. LLC – Removal & Clean Outs. We have over 25 years of experience, and we’re fully equipped to safely and properly clean attics and crawl spaces.

    We back our work with a two-year warranty, and we’ll give you a free estimate. Submit the “Get a Quote Form” or call today to learn more.


    Advantages of Insulation Removal and Replacement in Snohomish County

    Insulation installation and removal have many benefits. Some benefits to reap when searching “insulation removal near me” include:

    • Improved health: Old and damaged insulation can be a hotbed for issues like pests and mold growth. By installing new insulation, you can prevent the risk of coughing, skin rashes, irritated eyes, etc.
    •  Improved air quality: By removing outdated insulation, the air quality of your home can dramatically improve.
    • Maximum high energy efficiency: Insulation with a high R-Value can keep your home’s interior pleasant by preventing hot air from entering, allowing optimal energy efficiency.
    • Saving on utilities: When your attic is cool, the rest of your home is bound to be cool as well. That’s why an adequately insulated attic in Snohomish County, CA, could reduce your utility bills by 50%.
    • Increased resale value: A well-insulated home will have a higher resale value as it will prove your home’s efficiency and help protect it from damages.

    Insulation Removal Services provided by Insulation Co, LLC for Snohomish County

    The insulation removal services we offer include:

    • Removing old insulation: As insulation ages, it’s less capable of preventing the outside temperature from entering the home. If you notice that your home has become too hot or cold and your utility bills are skyrocketing, then it may be time to remove your insulation.
    • Removing soiled insulation: Mold spores can develop and grow in the presence of water or moisture. An issue like a leaky roof or a recent severe weather storm can cause mold to soil your insulation. Our team can promptly remove and replace soiled insulation.
    • Removing damaged insulation: Several issues can compromise your attic’s insulation. Anything from a natural disaster and smoke and fire to pests and aging may necessitate insulation removal and replacement.

    Insulation Replacement & Installation Services in Snohomish County

    At Insulation Co. LLC – Removal & Clean Outs, we’re proud to have over 50 years of experience replacing old, soiled, and damaged insulation effectively and efficiently. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, including mold removal services, attic and crawl space cleanouts, heat duct sealing and repairing, and more.

    For insulation installation, we emphasize installing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, fresh insulation at affordable rates. We also know every building and client is different. That is why we’re able to work with various materials such as:

    • Blown-in fiberglass
    • Fiberglass batt
    • Blown-in cellulose
    • Rigid foam board
    • ROXUL insulation
    • Closed-cell spray foam

    We will work with you and your budget to install the best insulation to regulate your home’s energy, improve your home’s air quality by eliminating harmful toxins, and keep moisture away from your walls, attic, and crawl space.

    Our expansive installation services also include water pipes and vapor barriers. Our team can administer air foam seals around your lights, wires, and plumbing that will decrease energy loss and regulate your home’s interior temperature.

    Dependable Insulation Contractors Near You in Northwest Washington

    When you need an insulation replacement, you’ll be happy to know that our team is standing by. Our hassle-free process includes a professional team passionate about its craft and free, same-day crawl space insulation cost estimates.

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