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Vapor barriers are not required but are highly recommended and are a part of all crawl space insulation installations at Insulation Co. LLC. Vapor barriers can reduce pests, insects, and potential structural damage to you house that comes from too much moisture. 


A vapor barrier will slow down ground moisture from affecting a house sitting above it. This barrier is made of poly and laid down on the ground in your crawl space to trap water in the ground from evaporating or condensing. 


The vapor barrier is a remedy to a situation that can get out of control if left unchecked.

Keep Moisture Out

Moisture can potentially cause structural problems. Uncontrolled moisture can cause rot and decay to wood and framing or other materials. Which can end up fostering mold and mildew. Moisture can also cause damage in the crawl space but often goes unnoticed.

Holds Off Mold and Mildew From Growing

One of the most serious problems caused by moisture is mold and mildew. Eliminating mold can be complex and when it comes to fully remediating mold-related problems it can become expensive. Because of minimal light in the crawl space the problem will only go away with preventative measures or remediation.

Reduces Potential for Structural Wood Rot

Structural elements of your house such as the joists, posts, and beams are wood. The wood will rot when it comes into contact with water for prolonged periods.

Discourages Pests That Prefer Wet Environments

Many types of rodents and animals are drawn to water and can invade your crawl space.

What Happpens If You Don't Have a Vapor Barrier in a Crawl Space?

Your home is at higher risk of water damage

Does Mold Grown Under a Crawl space vapor barrier?

Yes, mold and mildew can grow under your vapor barrier.

Why Shouldn't you envapsulate your crawl space?

Encapsulation is a wonderful prospect; however, it is very costly.


Ensure good ventilation in the Crawl Space. The vapor barrier will prevent most water vapor from seeping up into the crawl space, but improving cross ventilation through the crawl space is an important additional method that will prevent any residual moisture from being trapped in the space. Vapor barriers greatly slow the migration of moisture vapor up from the ground, but if you do not have cross ventilation through the space, some moisture can still collect. 

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